How To Chip A Wii

In this step by step guide I will teach you how to chip your Nintendo Wii without using a physical mod chip. I just modified my second Wii console using this new method to see how it works and I have to say that it pretty much kicks ass. It’s much easier than having to break open the console and install a mod chip.

I bet most of you didn’t know about software modding (just like me) because the mod chip manufacturers don’t want us to know about it but we can now chip the Wii with plain old software. So are you ready to chip your Nintendo Wii console and download and play all of the wii games for free? Check out my guide below!

How To Chip A Wii Guide

(duration: approximately 30 minutes)

You only have to put some software on an SD card, install it on the Wii and that’s it.

Chapter 1: What You Get From It

what do you get when you chip a wii

Quick list: download for free, burn to DVD and play any Wii game available (this saves a lot of money!), download games from classic consoles (PlayStation1 & 2, N64, GameCube, SNES, Sega Consoles, Super Nintendo), download and play imported games from regions unavailable to you, play MP3s, movies, homebrew applications and programs, it doesn’t void the warranty (completely reversible), works with any Wii version.

Chapter 2: What You Need

 A Normal SD card

chip a wii SD card

Probably the most common memory storage cards and probably one that you already have in your mobile phone or camera. You will need this little card because you need to transfer some files to the Wii to softmod it. If you don’t own an SD card you need to buy one (less than $5 I think) and you can find it in many stores (electronics store, phone store, computer stores, etc). If you don’t know what an SD card is go to one of the above mentioned stores and ask for one. Note that you don’t need a 4GB card. It can be way smaller even 512MB.

Lots of Blank DVDs

blank DVDs for burned games

You will need blank DVDs for your burned games (you don’t need them now to softmod your wii) and believe me when I say that you will need many because you will have so many games at your disposal to download and burn that you wish you bought more. They are very cheap and it doesn’t matter which kind you get whether it’s DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL. The only thing you need to make sure is that your computer has a DVD burner to put the games on the DVDs. You will also need a DVD burning software to do this. I recommend ImgBurn. It’s fast, free and easy to use. You can find DVDs everywhere in almost any type of store from electronics to groceries store (really! where I live there is a groceries store that also sells discs).

 Wii Unlocking Software

wii unlocking software

This is the software that you will have to put on the SD card in order to unlock the awesomeness. After you download this software and get the files they provide, you will put those files on the SD card and then the card in the Wii. In order to transfer the files from your computer to the SD card you have to connect the SD card to the computer. So to do this you need to see if your laptop has a built-in card reader or if you have a stand-alone reader. Or you can connect your phone or camera to the computer via an USB cable and have the SD card inserted in the phone/camera (I think most of you know how to transfer data from a computer to an SD card but this was for those that do not know).

So find a way to transfer data and you’re set. All you need to do know is download the software. Where do you get it? There are 3 sites that sell this and it makes no difference which one you choose because the only difference is the price. They change it sometimes but make sure you get the cheapest (usually around $30 dollars). So you can choose from here:

Console Unlock

Wii Unlock Plus (I used this one but it doesn’t matter at all)

Wii Unlocker (cheapest one currently)

A TV And A Wii

nintendo wii and display

Of course for this to happen you’re going to need a TV and a Wii which you have already obviously. By this point you only need to make sure you’ve got an SD card and the software to unlock the Wii. Total cost somewhere between 30 to 40 dollars depending if you have an SD card already or not. And I think this is a much better price compared to $100 for a chip and the time you have to invest in soldering the mod chip. So for the price of 1 or 2 Wii games you can then have all of the games for free . And I think this is worth it. Ok so let’s see now what are the next steps (time remaining approximately 15 minutes).

Chapter 3: Step By Step Instructions To Chip The Wii

Step 1: Preparing the Software

how to chip a wii with SD card

1. First you need to get the unlocking software from here.

2. Extract (unrar, unzip) the content of the download to your computer.

3. If you can’t do this you will need to download the free WinRar archiver.

4. Make sure the SD card is empty. Format it but make sure you save your files first.

5. Now put the unlocking software you downloaded on the SD card.

Step 2: Installing the Software

load boot screen to softmod wii

1. Put the SD card in the Wii and then turn the console ON.

2. Go to: Wii Options –> Data Management –> Channels –> SD Card.

3. A message on the screen will ask you to “Load /boot.dol?”. Press Yes.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install dvdx and the Homebrew Channel.

Step 3: The Homebrew Channel

the homebrew channel for burned games on the wii

Using the above mentioned on-screen instructions you have installed the primary part of this software: the homebrew channel which you will use to play burned games, movies, etc. The second part is an application that you have to install on this channel and after that it’s all downloading and playing games. See the next step for this application.

Step 4: Installing the Backup Launcher

the Backup Launcher for wii unlocking

1. Run the homebrew channel which you have just installed.

2. Click on the cIOS_installer.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Wait until the Wii reboots.

5. You’ve completed the softmodding of the wii!

6. Put a burned game DVD in the Wii when you want to play.

7. Launch “Backup Launcher” from the Homebrew Channel Menu.

8. Have fun!

Chapter 4: Download & Burn Games To Your Wii

Download Wii Games Option 1: Warez-BB

downloading wii burned games from warezbb

The is one of the places where you will find burned Wii games to download and play. You only have to join the forum which is free at Warez-BB. If you have a premium account with Rapid Share you will download very fast otherwise it will take more time. See the next option to download super fast.

Download Wii Games Option 2: Torrent Sites

downloading wii burned games from torrent sites

This is the fastest way to download. You don’t need an account, not even a free one. Just a free bit torrent program to manage the download. I use uTorrent for years and it’s simple and easy to use. Press on the download button and install it afterwards. Then you have to browse for games on torrent sites (type the name of the game you want in the search bar) and when you press the download button this program will manage the download for you. Usually takes between 5 to 15 minutes per download. Here are some torrent sites:

wii iso

the pirate bay

mininova torrents

Burning Wii Games to DVDs

burning wii games to DVD with ImgBurn

When you download a game from the internet it will come in a format that is named .iso. So you will have to put this file on a DVD so it can be playable on the Wii. As I said above you need a free burning program called ImgBurn or any other program of your choice and a DVD burner. Then when you decide what game you want to burn open the burning program and choose the .iso game you want. Then insert one of those blank DVDs in your DVD burner and wait until the burning process is over. After it’s finished put the DVD in the Wii, launch the “backup launcher” from the homebrew channel and play.

You’ve Just Completed The Guide!

chip a wii completed

Great! You’ve just learned and completed the how to chip a wii without a chip step by step guide. Did it take you more than 30 minutes? I think it all depends on the SD card: if you have one it’s easy but if you don’t own one it might take longer until you go and buy one. I really hope you’re having fun with your new and improved wii gaming console. If you’re having trouble with my guide let me know asap and I will help you. You can either leave a comment to this article or send me an email (see the Contact page for that). Thanks for reading, leave a comment and press the Like button if you liked it.